1. Players may not bring any food or beverage (including water) in our venues.
  2. By participating in any NPL event you agree to know and uphold all NPL rules and regulations
  3. All players must be a minimum of 21 years of age.
  4. All players must be registered members with NPL.
  5. All players agree to adhere to common poker etiquette at all times. Players who repeatedly or blatantly break rules of etiquette or NPL rules and regulations will be subject to disciplinary actions starting with warnings, and the possibility of suspension and/or expulsion.
  6. Sign up start half hour before tournament start time. Tables are up 10 minutes before start time.
  7. Side tournaments will be conducted for players not qualified for Monthly Championship. Players are not obligated to participate in Monthly Championship. Seating for side tournament will be subject to availability.
  8. Venues / NPL management retain the right to postpone or cancel an event at anytime.
  9. Once a new deal begins, all results from previous hands are binding. A new hand will not be dealt until all disputes are resolved.
  10. Straddle bets are not allowed/ No rabbit hunting
  11. Only players still remaining in tournament may sit at tables.
  12. Only English may be spoken during play.
  13. Tournament Directors have final authority in all disputes. The Tournament Director will consider all factors before making a decision, all decisions based on best interest of tournament play.
  14. All tournaments are self dealt and dealer cut.
  15. Players will rotate deal in a clockwise manner. Dealers must shuffle cards a minimum of three times with one cut.
  16. Blinds are locked when new dealer begins shuffle.
  17. When a player is eliminated from a blind position the button shall move accordingly. If the Big Blind is eliminated during a hand then the button moves as normal. If the Small Blind is eliminated during a hand then the button stays and there is no Small Blind. If the Button is eliminated during a hand then there is a “Dead Button”.
  18. Players moved to a new table are dealt in immediately unless they sit into a small blind or button position (Big Blind has option).
  19. A player will always be dealt a hand, whether they are sitting at the table or not. If they in a blind position their blinds will be posted automatically. If they are not present by their turn their hand will be mucked.
  20. A misdeal is constituted when two or more cards are exposed during deal.
  21. In a heads-up situation, the player due to assume the big blind will do so and the other player will be small blind/button. Prior to the flop the button is first to act. On subsequent rounds the big blind is first to act.
  22. There can be no string bets. Players must make bet/raise in one motion.
  23. Players are responsible for protecting their hands at all times.
  24. Play continues at all times, except during authorized break times.
  25. During a showdown, both cards from winning hand must be revealed to win a pot.
  26. Cards read, verbal statements are not the binding factor.
  27. Players chips must remain on table and visible during play.
  28. A hand will be considered “dead” under the following circumstances: player announces they have folded; player throws cards away face down in a forward motion.
  29. Show one / Show all. Hands shown to one participating player must be shown to all remaining players at table.
  30. Minimum bet must be equal to or greater than Big Blind. All additional raises must at least double the size of the bet. Pre flop raises must be doubled the big blind.
  31. A player may go all-in at any time. If the all-in player’s chips are not equal to Big Blind, subsequent players are obligated to call the amount of the Big Blind. If all-in player’s chips cannot complete a raise, subsequent players have the option of calling the all-in or completing the raise.
  32. Players arriving late will be short stacked 5 times the big blind. Example, player arrives during the second level (50/100) will be shorted stacked 500. Players will not be allowed to sign in once breaks ends. Players on a waiting list will be short stacked. If a player calls the director during break and notifies they are close to arriving that player has seven hands to be seated.
  33. Players that miss seven consecutively hand for any reason, will have all chips forfeited and taken off the table
  34. The burn cards and muck pile must be kept separate until the hand is completed. The current dealer is the only player allowed to touch the muck pile. No player is allowed to turn over any cards in the muck pile
  35. Tables can play down to, but no less than four people. Splash for deal when four or more players come to the table.
  36. State you’re intentions (Call, Bet or Raise) before you make any actions. If a player puts a 500 chip on the table and the blinds are 50/100 that will be considered a bet.
  37. No splashing the pot - You are to place your chips calmly in front of you, and then push the chips to the center after the dealer has stated that the “pot is right”.
  38. If two or more players are eliminated in the same hand, then the player with the fewest chips gets the lower finish.
  39. If two are more players are eliminated in the same hand and have the same chip stack, then the player with the better hand gets the better finish.
  40. Always splash for deal at the final two tables. Final table splash for deal.